Choosing a USB microscope camera (USB digital eyepiece for microscope)
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Future Optics offers M series USB microscope cameras covering a wide range of pixel value from 0.1MP to 5.0MP and has widespread uses including: connection with student microscopes for teaching in schools, connection with stereo microscopes for industrial assembling & inspecting in the workshop and connection with other specialized microscopes for researching & analyzing in the lab.

Which USB digital microscope camera is right for you?

To determine which camera is the best for you depends on your application environment---your working condition and depends on your working performance---the result you want to get.

Factors related to good performance when choosing a USB microscope camera:

A. Resolution of the imaging sensor:

A high resolution sensor is the base in offering high resolution image for preview, for shoot and for video recording. But high resolution sensor is always related with small pixel size, so a bright and uniform illuminator is necessary in order to capture high quality images with the right frame rate. Furthermore a high class condenser is needed when a high resolution camera connecting with a high magnification objective lens is in use, otherwise a dull picture will be captured only.

So we conclude that high resolution USB camera like the MVV5000 matches high class microscopes, whereas a cheap microscope can only match with low resolution USB microscope cameras, like the MP100.

B. Relay lens (or matching lens):

The relay lens located between the objective and imaging chip acts as a bridge to have the size of exit pupil plane coming from the objective to match with the diameter of chip surface.

Though the relay lens could decrease the power of objective in some degree, when the relay lens is in use, the objective field captured by the camera is close to the view field captured by human sight. That means the relay lens widens the view field, and secondly this allows the relay lens to cut away the noise background light to have a bright and sharp image. Thirdly, the relay lens keeps the chip surface full of lighting so that no dark corners appear in the image captured when the camera is in use with a low power and zoom stereo microscope.

Future Optics has developed series of relay lenses to match cameras with different resolution sensors. The built-in relay lenses for MVV5000, MVV3000, MVV5000CL and MVV3000CL are of high resolving power.


                              Low resolving power                                                         High resolving power

C. Image capture software:

The excellent performance of a high quality camera comes from the support of a powerful function imaging software attached.

C1. Function to capture image in high resolution:

Future Win Joe software developed and released by Future Optics has the capability to capture images at top resolution of the camera to be connected for preview, for shoot and for video recording.

For example, when MVV5000 is in use, under the control of Future Win Joe, you can preview image in resolution of 2592*1944, take pictures in resolution of 2592*1944, and take videos in resolution 2592*1944.

In the market, the software provided by many suppliers has the capability to take still picture in a high resolution 2592*1944 (if a 5.0MP camera is in use), but the resolution of image for preview is very low. Sometimes a small window of 640*480 is shown on screen, and the resolution for video recording is also low, maybe less than 1280*1024. Some others supply software which can take video recording in high resolution like 2592*1944 (if a 5.0MP camera is in use), but they cannot take pictures with their software.

The capability of taking high resolution picture is helpful for compensation of a low power microscope.

The capability of taking video in high resolution is very useful for collection of rich message for future study.

Its unacceptable for a USB camera controlled by PC to capture video in resolution of 1024*768, just like a handheld DV does.

C2. Function to control imaging settings:

Future Win Joe can express well, the features of imaging module of a USB camera by controlling the value of settings of camera properties, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, Gamma, white balance.

C3. Image color compensation:

If you are still not satisfied with the image color after changing the settings, you can modify the image color with our extra added RGB amendment function.

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