How do you get two different magnifications with one set of objective lens of a portable USB digital microscope?
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According to the principle of optical conjugation imaging systems, when keeping the distance between the  objective plane and the imaging plane unchanged, by moving the objective lens between the objective plane and the imaging plane, people can find two different positions for the lens. In these two positions the images are clear but magnifications are quite different.

According to imaging formula:

1 / f1 = 1 / v1 + 1 / u1, and 1 / f2 = 1 / v2 + 1 / u2.

The given conditions: the distance between objective plane and imaging plane unchanged,

v1 + u1 = v2 + u2

f1 = f2 -----the same objective lens

v1 = u2; u1 = v2 -----conjugation relationship

M1 = v1 / u1; M2 = v2 / u2

We work out the relationship of the two magnifications (M1, M2)

M1 X M2 = 1, or M1 =1 / M2

That means: if the objective lens acts as an amplifier to enlarge specimen M times in one place, then this lens must be of ability to reduce specimen M times in another place.

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