How do you choose a suitable magnification of objective lens for portable USB microscope?
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We know that the digital magnification of an equivalent eyepiece of digital microscope (70X—120X) is much higher than the magnification of any normal optical eyepiece (10X—30X), so it’s possible for us to choose a low power objective lens in capturing images with wider field and deeper focus depth.

The magnifications of a common optical stereomicroscope objective lens change from 0.7X to 5.0X and sometimes an extra lens is attached for gaining higher magnification.

Low magnification is the key factor in gaining a deeper focus depth image, and a wider view field is also related with low power objective lens.

Conjugation imaging system is another limited term in selecting objective magnification, a higher power (M1) must match with a very smallest M2.

If M1 = 10X, then M2 = 0.1X, thus the difference of the two magnifications is 100X. The normal interval of magnification value between two objectives is less than 10X.

So we choose a 2.5X objective lens in our MDA1300 model, thus we get two total magnifications: 93.7* 2.5 =234.25X, and 93.7 / 2.5 =37.48X

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