How do you estimate the possible biggest objective magnification of a portable USB microscope according to the dimension given by maker?
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Firstly, according to the formula: Objective magnification M = objective field width / chip width.

The allowable biggest objective field width is limited by the inner diameter of transparent plastic standing base, because the camera chip cant capture images of specimen located outside the base.

To measure the inner diameter of the base, and divide it by the chip width, we get the value of magnification.

Normal diameter of the base of a USB portable in marketing is about 18mm, so if it is connected with a 2.0MP chip (4.48 mm width), the biggest objective magnification is M = 18.00 / 4.48 = 4X.

If the portal USB microscope is made like a pen or a thin pipe, the objective lens magnification will go smaller further.

Secondly according to the formula: Objective magnification M = image length: V/ objective length: U.

U + V ≤ length of products

We can easily know the objective length from the following picture, its about 20mm, and we know the total length of USB microscope is about 90mm, so we can work out the magnification of the objective is less than 4X.

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