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Use of microscope USB digital camera (digital eyepiece)

Future Optics’ microscope USB digital camera ( digital eyepiecetogether with the Future Win Joe software offers the perfect solution to modern digital microscopy in science, industry, education and the passionate amateur by adding digital capability.

Camera advantages:

● Compact and reliable design, easy to set-up and to operate

● Equipped with built-in relay lens to create a sharp and bright image with wide field

● Equipped with high sensitive and wide dynamic professional sensor

● Equipped with real active resolution sensor, no interpolation, no jaggies in picture

● To be of compatibility with 32 and 64 bit Windows MAC Linux

● Copyright software with 8 languages version is available for customers all over the world

Figure 1: connected with ocular tube of monocular microscope  Figure 2: connected with ocular tube of binocular microscope

Figure 3: connected with C-mount of a triocular microscope   Figure 4: connected with zoom stereo microscope

1. wider view field----low objective magnification, high digital magnification

2. low optical power + high resolution camera= bigger depth of field and higher magnification (digital power)

3. function of full resolution video recording

4. RGB adjustment

5. make measurement and take comparison

6. setting of high frame rate to capture movable target.

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