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Use of telescope USB digital camera

1. Both 1.25" (31.75mm) eyepiece tube and 0.96" (24.5mm) eyepiece tube are available.

2. High digital power (94X: TEM 1300 vs screen display pixel size: 0.26mm), no Barlow lens is needed.

3. Exposure time setting by software to capture dim target which cannot be found by human sight.


4. Erecting function offered by software, no erecting lens is needed.

5. Function of diagonal prism is replaced by software, so no prism is needed to set-up----get a brighter image without a prism.


    Software allows you to adjust the gain, contrast, exposure time and saturation manually, so no lighting

    reduction filters are needed when set-up camera and to view a bright target like the full Moon and the 

    solar surface. Do not worry about to damage your retina, your eye is replaced by silicon chip of sensor.


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