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When consulting the features and specifications of our products and plan to place orders to us, please take these extra items below into consideration also and confirm your demand.

1. Length of USB Cable or Video Cable:

Our standard length is 1.5 meter, and the extra of 4.0, 8.0 or 10.0meter are all available to book. Minimum quantity to be ordered: 200 PCS.

2. Diameter of tube of digital & video eyepiece:

Our standard diameter: 23.2 mm, 30.00mm for microscope; 24.5mm,31.75mm for telescope; 44.00 mm for spotting-scope, and we accept orders with special design in diameter.

3. Our design digital eyepiece for spotting scope based on the specifications of spotting-scope: aperture: 80mm, focal length: 480mm; eyepiece focal length: 8-24mm; exit pupil distance:15-18mm. When you place order of eyepiece for spotting scope to us, please inform us the specification of your spotting scope, well select and adjust the matching lens system located before the sensor chip to have the images full fill the surface of chip when zooming your spotting scope.

4. Models of TV system and power adapter should be confirmed according to its destination.

5. We offer OEM service of software including new language version added and auto run file design.

6. We also offer packing design and printing on the dealers request.

7. We offer IC Board with sensor chip attached separately.


Content s of OEM service



CD design and printing (including logo, model number, company name, website and address with clients native language)

More than 500 units

CD printed with a pattern (including logo, model number, company name, website and address with your native language)

500 units

Auto-run file design with customers logo, company name or slogan

100 units

Product sticker (to be attached on body of item)

More than 500 units

Color box sticker (packing box for each product)

More than 500 units

Logo printed on the body of products

100 units

Color box printed (packing box for each product)

500 units

Manual and warranty card printed & written into CD

500 units

Software renamed (clients name and model name shown on every page

of software.)

Charged item


Spare parts design and make on customers specifications


PCB design and making according to clients product shell

0.1MP: 2000 pcs

0.35MP: 1000 pcs

1.3MP: 500 pcs

3.0MP: 250 pcs

5.0MP: 250 pcs

Optics lens design and making to match clients imaging system

Relay lens: 500 pcs

Match lens: 1000 pcs

Field lens: 2000 pcs

Camera house redesign and making

1000 pcs or negotiable

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