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Function of the Future Win Joe software:

● Previewing

● Control image properties

● Capture image

● Movie recording

● Measuring

● Picture processing

● Image file management


1. Previewing:

1.1 Connection: Before starting to view image on the computer, you must confirm:

1) The camera has been well connected with the USB port of PC and the driver has been installed in advance if necessary (UVC camera is no need of a driver program);

2) The camera connected is recognized by the PC.


1.2 Double click the software icon  in your computer to open the Future Win Joe software as show below:

1.3 Click the camera button, the image will appear.

1.4 Future Win Joe can automatically recognize the active resolution (top resolution) of the camera connected, and can display image at top resolution. Normally high resolution is related with low frame rate, so you’d better to reduce the preview resolution setting of image to get a higher frame rate, we suggest that a 1280 * 1024 setting is just good for full screen view, so please click button of image capture  to change size of image, and to click camera settings  to improve image quality.


2. Control image properties (Future Win Joe properties): 

According to different cameras, different applications and different working conditions, you can have your camera do the best job by changing image settings of property.

(In the following describing cases, our MDA1300 portable microscope is linked)

To click camera settings button, a property control window “Future Win Joe properties” shows below:


2.1 Brightness settings

 By dragging the Brightness control bar, the brightness of image in preview window will change alive.

2.2 Contrast settings


2.3 Saturation settings


By dragging the control bar, a full color image will show.

2.4 Sharpness settings


2.5 Gamma settings

If the default value of Gamma does not meet your demand, you can adjust the Gamma value to improve the gray level of the image.

2.6 White balance settings

In poor illumination condition, the selection of “Auto WB” will slow dawn the frame rate.


2.7 Backlight comp settings

By dragging the control bar, the background noise will be cut to a limited value.


2.8 Auto exposure and manual exposure settings window will be shown by clicking 

At default, the camera operates under the auto mode and the camera optimizes its performance by self-adjusting gain and exposure time.

When the auto exposure mode does not provide satisfactory image quality, the user can switch to manual mode, and select the value according to his application.

3. Imaging capture settings:

To click button of capture settings, an image capture setting window shows below, you can change pictures or movies in size, format, frame rate and location to save image accordingly:

3.1 Settings of video format

 Future Win Joe offers video format of WMV.


3.2 To change location to save your video.


3.3 Future Win Joe can recognize automatically different cameras made by Future Optics, which is connected with different USB ports of the same computer.


3.4 To select image format: YUY2 or MJPEG---high frame rate.


3.5 To select image size for preview and capture.

 (Here a MVV5000 camera is connected)


3.6 To select resolution for video recording

(Here a MVV5000 camera is connected)


3.7 To select picture format from BMP, PNG, JPG.


3.8 Choosing a new location to save your picture.

4. Manual RGB color adjustment:

At default, the camera automatically balances the RGB color content of the image captured. When the lighting condition falls beyond the auto control settings, you can manually adjust the RGB colors to compensate poor lighting.



5. Flip image function:

Depending on the orientation of the camera, the images appear on the screen may be rotated vertically or horizontally. To obtain correctly oriented image, you can click button of “show mirrored video in the preview area” to convert image horizontally and to click button of “show flipped video in the preview area” to convert image vertically. 


6. Live measurement:

A. To open/close reticle;


B. Movable reticle by mouse and select the division value;


C. Calibration;


D. Measuring;


7. Picture processing---acting as mini “Photoshop” program:









8.Picture file management:






To manage image saved in your computer

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