Welcome to Future Optics Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd, we're a leading manufacturer focusing on imaging optics of machine vision and micro-optics devices for optical communications. 

We design and make professional industrial photographic equipment and imaging accessories for updating ocular instruments, educational related products and other USB & Wifi internet imaging gadgets, which help people to observe and understand the micro world nearby and the universe around them. 

We also design and manufacture miniaturized, rugged and easily integrated passive fiber-optic components, devices and modules from wavelength division multiplexers, couplers, splitters, switches to variable attenuator. We are provided customized solutions for a broad spectrum of applications as well. Our ability to adapt to customers’ specific needs allows us to serve not only the data- and telecom industry but also many further sectors like educational, medical, scientific exploration or security applications. 

Based on over 10 years' hands-on experiences in both the optics and digital imaging fields, we are committed to providing the quality products to our customers. Over 14 models of our products are of CE and FC certified for Electronic System. 

Our main products: 
1. Digital & video machine vision imaging products: 
1.1 Portable USB Microscope 
1.2 Portable Wifi and USB Microscope 
1.3 Digital & Video Microscope 
1.4 LCD Camera for Microscope 
1.5 Microscope Digital & Video Eyepiece (Microscope Wifi and USB Digital Camera) 
1.6 Telescope Digital & Video Eyepiece (Telescope Wif and USB Digital Camera) 
1.7 Spotting-scope Digital & Video Eyepiece (Spotting-scope Wifi and USB Digital Camera) 
1.8 Portable digital nightvision scope
2. Passive fiber optical components 
2.1 Ultra-compact WDM for CFP/CFP2 40/100/400Gbas transceivers 
2.1.1 Integrated 4 channels CWDM for 40Gbas transceivers 
2.1.2 Integrated 4 channels LAN-WDM for 100Gbas transceivers

2.1.3 Integrated 4 channels LAN-WDM optical subassembly block

2.1.4Integrated 8 channels DWDM for high speed transceivers

2. 1.5 Integrated 18 channels CWDM for high speed transceivers
2.1.6 Integrated 16 channels DWDM for high speed transceivers
2.2 Passive fiber optics device for network node function (Mux, Demux, OADMs) 
1X4, 1X6, 1X8, 1X10, 1X16, 1X18 ultra-compact CWDM (OADM) 
1X2, 1X4, 1X8, 1X16, ultra-compact DWDM (OADM) with100/200GHz channel spacing 
3. Micro-optics moduleand device for industry, medical and scientific application
3.1 Mini-Collimators 
3.2 Large-Beam Collimators 
3.3 Optical Fiber Delay Line Module 
3.4 Wide-Band Coupler 
3.5 High Speed Photodiode 

Future Optics not only focus on the ultra-compact fiber optics components but also provide higher level integration services, where several optical components are integrated into modules, sub-assemblies or systems. Those can also be private labeled according to customer designs. 

We are doing our best to provide more competitive and valuable imaging and nonimaging products to serve as an indispensable bridge between traditional optics and future optics for our customer. 
We are seeking partners home and abroad in design, marketing and service for win-win coopeartion.

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