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Future Optics established in 2007, its headquarters, production lines and R&D facilities locate in Hangzhou China, and a US sales office is located in Sunnyvale CA.


Future Optics is a comprehensive micro-optics manufacturer focusing on imaging optics device of industry digital camera and non imaging optics network module of passive device. Future Optics also specializes in micro-optics devices used in lab & medical equipment like OCT, and automatic pilot navigation system, like laser rangefinder.


Based on a strong team of engineers and scientists coming from optical, electrical and mechanical backgrounds and with more than 20 years hands-on experiences in both the communication and machine vision fields,  Future Optics has built up four developing and production platforms:

l Receiver / Transmitter Optical Sub-Assemblies platform to provide the latest generation mux & demux block with filter, prism, mirror, half wave plate and PBS for TOSA\ROSA\BOSA;

l FTT & Free-space technology ultra compact WDM platform to provide unique products of CWDM\LAN-WDM\DWDM with extreme high performance;

l Integrated industrial digital camera platform to provide innovative solutions for conventional ocular instrument to be updated into digital one with imaging sensor, relay lens, uniform illumination and captured software;

l Micro optical parts platform to provide coupled aspheric lens for LD to fiber or fiber to PD, and to provide mini diffraction gratings used in spectrometer engines.


Main products:

l Integrated LAN-WDM Mux or Demux optical sub-assemblies BLOCK for ROSA\ TOSA\ BOSA; Having various channel numbers, beam pitches and angle of incidence for users to choose, like 2CH\ 4CH\6CH;

l Passive fiber optical components to be integrated into CFP/CFP2 40/100G Base transceivers: including 4CH UC-CWDM\ 4 CH UC-LAN-WDM;

l Ultra compact WDM to be integrated into high speed transceiver: 4, 6, 8,12, 16, 18 CH CWDM for CWDM transceivers and 4,8,16, CH DWDM (100GHz or 200GHz) for CWDM transceivers

l Passive fiber optics device for network node function (Mux, Demux, OADMs), 1X4, 1X6, 1X8, 1X10, 1X16, 1X18 ultra-compact CWDM (OADM), 1X2, 1X4, 1X8, 1X16, ultra-compact DWDM (OADM) with100/200GHz channel spacing.

l Digital camera for microscope \ telescope\ spotting scope; Image sensor pixels range : 0.3MP, 1.3MP, 3.0MP, 5.0MP8.0MP10.MP, 14.0MP; Digital microscope; Digital telescope;Digital spotting scope; Digital night vision; Laser rangefinder.

l Micro-optics module and device for industry, medical and scientific applications, Coupled aspheric lens; Mini diffraction gratings; Mini-Collimators; Large-Beam Collimators; Optical Fiber Delay Line Module; Wide-Band Coupler.


Future Optics are doing the best to provide more competitive and valuable imaging and non imaging products to serve as an indispensable bridge between traditional optics and future optics for our customer.


With the ability to master the latest technology of micro-optics simulation with Zemax\Tracepro\Matlab, thermal performance simulation with Ansys,  and combination of fine manufacturing process, Future Optics are building the future of optics.
Future Optics are seeking cooperation partners home and abroad in design, marketing and service for win to win.

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