TVV3000-450F95 3.0MP USB digital refractive telescope
Objective lens:F450mm, D95mm

Active pixels:2048*1536

8 languages software


Dynamic Range:70.1dB

Frame rate:15fps@2048*1536

Digital power:120X

1.25" threaded for filter

Optics Magnification:22.5X, 36X


1. Digital imaging module: YUY2 and MJPG dual format 3.0MP imaging module;

2. Imaging software: astronomical imaging software of Future Win Joe;

3. Optical imaging module: 95mm aperture and 450mm focal length, refractor type;

4. Mount module: 125cm telescopic aluminum tripod.



Future Optics’ USB digital telescopes perform extremely well under the control of software which makes them ideal for astronomical objects viewing and images or movies capture, and even be used to take images of terrestrial subjects during daytime. It’s an affordable imaging solution for astronomy.



1. To preview images on screen of PC and to shoot pictures or to record movies, no squinting with one eye, just be enjoyable and to share with others;

2. To adjust the gain, contrast, exposure time, frame rate and color saturation manually for best images and to recognize dim target which could not be found by human eye;

3. To offers function of images inverted vertically and horizontally that renders the image in its natural orientation on screen, so no extra erecting lens is needed;

4. The performance of powerful equivalent digital magnification acts as a super power zoom and high magnification eyepiece.



1. Easy installation, convenient operation;

2. Compatibility with Win/MAC;

3. High resolution of 2048*1536 for preview, picture shoot and video recording;

4. High frame rate at MJPG format setting: 15fps@2048*1536;

5. Real active resolution, no interpolation, no jaggies in picture;

6. Copyright software with 8 languages version.



Capture Mode

Picture and Video

Active pixels of sensor




Dynamic Range


S/N Ratio


Spectral Range

400-650nm(with IR-filter)

Frame Rate


Preview Model




ERS or Manual

Power Consumption


Focus of Objective Le


Diameter of Objective Lens


Focus of Optics Eyepiece

20.0mm, 12.5mm

Optics Magnification

22.5X, 36X

Digital Zoom

120X (17” LCD screen)

Power Supply

USB Powered

Device Weight

14.5 kg (including Equatorial)

Device Size

94.5mm *39.0mm *27.0 mm (including Tripod)

USB 2.0 Cable length

3.0 m

Function of Software

Image & video Capture, Edit and Management

PC Requirements

CPU: Inter Core2 2.8 GHz or Higher; Memory: 2GB or More;

USB Port:USB 2.0 High-speed Port

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