DBMEM1300-500P digital polarizing microscope
active pixels 1280*1024

Built-in achromatic relay lens

Polarizing microscope

Objective:4X, 10X, 40X, 60X

Micro ruler:0.01mm / 1 mm

Digital magnification: 97X

Sensitivity: 1.0V/lux-sec

Dynamic rage: 71dB

Frame rate:17fps@2048*1536


A polarizing microscope uses polarized light to study anisotropic materials such as identifying crystals or fibers suspended in liquid, identifying minerals in core samples and detecting defects in semiconductors or finding stress points in metal, glass and other materials.



1. To capture images for living show, for shoot and for video recording;

2. To improve image quality by adjusting the gain, resolution, WB, contras, exposure time, RGB color and Gamma setting;

3. To measure and to compare



1. Easy installation, convenient operation;                  

2. Wide field and bright image; 

3. Compatibility with Win/MAC;

4. High resolution image of 1280*1024 for preview, picture shoot and video recording;

5. High frame rate.



Digital eyepiece

1.3MP USB digital camera equipped with built-in relay lens

Optical eyepiece

Plan eyepiece: 10X-18mm and 10X-20mm; 10X -18mm and 10X-20mm with reticle(0.1mm)

Achromatic objective (DIN45mm)

Infinite strain free achromatic objective: 4X / 0.1, 10X / 0.25, 20X / 0.4, 40X / 0.65 (spring loaded tip), 60X / 0.8(spring loaded tip)


N.A> 1.25 Abbe condenser with Iris diaphragm and filter holder


Rotatable analyzer with lock device

Bertrand lens

Built-in center adjustable Bertrand lens

Viewing head

Binocular head 30°rotatable


Quadruple nosepiece with positive click stopper

Optical compensator

λ lip , 1 /4 λ lip, Quartz wedge

Revolving round stage

Center adjustable and rotatable , diameter 156 mm with 1°division and 6’increments

Polarizing device

Rotatable polarizer with scale


Adjustable halogen bulb 6V / 20W

CD of software

Future Win Joe imaging software with movable reticle

Reticle slide

Calibration micro ruler 10mm / 0.01mm


Main specifications:

Total magnification

 (optical eyepiece loaded )

40X, 200X, 400X, 600X

Equivalent magnification

of digital eyepiece

45X   (17” LCD screen display pixel size: 0.2625mm )

Total magnification

(digital eyepiece loaded )

180X,  900X, 1800X, 2700X

Picture resolution


Image resolution


Video resolution


Frame rate


Active resolution of sensor



1.0V/ lux-sec

Dynamic rage


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