FG-FD300 digital night vision Monocular
Images comparable to Gen 2+

CCD vs image-intensifier tube

In-view COLOR LCD micro display

Automatic infrared spotlight

300-feet viewing range

Weather resistant

Video and USB output

Built-in tripod mount

Operates on 4 AA batteries

FG-FD300 Night Vision Scope is equipped with high sensitivity sensor, integrated color LCD-Screen and IR LED illuminator to help you observing target with more true-to-life detail and Taking photos and video in bad light conditions or in complete darkness.



• The old image-intensifier tube is replaced by an integrated system of high sensitivity sensor, micro LCD-screen and 

IR LED illuminator, and to help you penetrate the cover of darkness with more true-to-life detail. No more blurry green 

images when using old imaging intensifier tubes.

• Using H.264 and MJPEG compression technology to reach high frame rate of video output.

• The design of the shortest focusing distance ( 25cm) makes it possible to read a newspaper or a note with this 

powerful gadget.

• Two Years\' Warranty.



- Security and surveillance 

- Scouting and guarding

- Search and rescue

- Wildlife observation

- Camping fun / Exploring caves 

- Nighttime navigation 

- Night fishing and boating



- Image display

- Image preview

- Delete

- Picture shoot

- Movie record

- Manual brightness control

- Color/B & W image display

- Digital zooming

- Download to pc

- Show on TV or monitor.


Front View:


Rear View:


Bottom View:


Your screen display during menu mode:


Format: Select to format the micro SD card

Power save:The NV can be set to automatically shut down when not operating after the selected period of time.

TV out: The video output mode can be set to NTSC (North America) or PAL (Europe)

Flicker: Anti flicker settings 50Hz or 60Hz

Version: Displays the version of this device




Objective diameter

15.0 mm

Exit pupil distance

14~21 mm

Field of view


Min focus distance

25cm (distance of distinct vision)

Detection distance

300 m (vehicle) / 100 m (man)

Identification distance

100 m (vehicle) / 30 m (man)

Effective distance of built-in IR lamp

50 m

Size of imaging sensor

1 / 5

Sensitivity of sensor

6.8V/ Lux.sec

Active resolution of sensor


Picture resolution


Video resolution


Recording format of video


Screen resolution


Equivalent size of screen in view

Watching a 35 screen at 2 m away

Digital image output

USB port

Analogue signal output

Video port (NTSC / PAL)

Storage of picture and movie

To support 1GB---32GB SD card

Power of built-in IR lamp

3 W

Wavelength of IR lamp

850 nm

Power supply

AA battery X 4 (not included)

Working life of battery

5 hours

Dimensions of device


Weight of device (without battery)

250 g

Accessories attached

USB cable, AV cable



1. To print clients\' logo or model name on the surface of rubber shell.

2. To change color of rubber shell on client\'s demand.

3. To offer native language version of menu shown on LCD according to clients\' requirement.

4. To equip extra LED lamp and Fresnel lens for long distance view and field illumination control. 



1. Night vision device;

2. MINI USB cable;

3. A/V cable;

4. Neck strap;

5. Storage pouch;

6. User manual.



1. Neutral color box: Weight: 0.38kg, size: L:12.5cm ,W:6.5cm,H:19.5cm.

2. One carton of 15pcs: weight: 7kg, dimension: L:40.0cm ,H:35.0cm,W:25.0cm.

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