MDA1300 portable zoom USB digital microscope
Conjugation imaging

1280*1024 active pixels

Wide dynamic range

Low level noise electronics

Picture resolution:1280*1024

Frame rate:17fps@ 1280*1024

8 languages software

Windows, MAC, Linux

Patent, CE, FCC, RoHS
Products description
1. Digital imaging module: 1.3MP high performance CMOS imaging module;
2. Imaging software: Future Win Joe image & movie capturing and processing program
3. Optical conjugation imaging module: One set of lenses offers two optical magnifications: 2.5X and 0.4X;
4. Zoom and focus mechanism: Big focus wheel and double helix rail design offers smooth and fine adjustment of focus;
5. Uniform illumination part: Falling–in ring–lighting panel with 8 LED lamp. 

The combination of high performance digital imaging module with innovating optics & mechanism design and powerful software provides a large breakthrough in digital microscope design. It has widely applications in industry, education, science, medicine and daily life to view, acting as a powerful digital gadget to check and to record detailed message of the micro world.  
1. Zoom function: low magnification for wider field searching and high magnification for detailed message checking;
2. Capability of capturing image in high resolution:
   Display resolution: 1280*1024
   Picture resolution: 1280*1024
   Video recording resolution: 1280*1024
3. Capture settings: Software allows you to adjust the gain, resolution, WB, contras, exposure time, image direction converter.
4. Image amendment: RGB color and gray scale. 

1. Very wide dynamic range to enrich grey scale of image;
2. Well express true colors of RGB;
3. Low noise electronics, no any hot pixel inside picture;
4. Easy zooming and fine focusing with one hand or two hands;
5. Standing without support;
6. Compatibility: WIN / MAC /Linux. 

Special design:
Wide dynamic arrange design of PCB imaging and lighting system to well express the dark area and bright area of target in the same image.
Big focus wheel is helpful for easy operation with two fingers or one hand or two hands.
Keep standing on table without any support.


Capture Mode

Picture and Video

Sensor Parameter

1/4” 1.3MP Color CMOS

Max. Resolution


Pixel Size



1.0V / lux-sec

Dynamic Range

71.0 dB

S/N Ratio

44.0 dB

Working Distance

5.0MM ---


1---40X; 240X

Spectral Range

400-650nm(with IR-filter)

Frame Rate


Preview Model

1280*1024; 640*480; 320*240


ERS or Manual

Power Consumption

170 mW

White Balance

ERS or Manual

Out Interface


Device Weight


Device Size


Cable length


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