MVV3000CLR USB digital microscope camera with measurement function
2048*1536 active pixels

High resolving power lens

0.01 / 10 mm calibration ruler

8 languages reticle software

Picture resolution:2048*1536

Frame rate:15fps@ 2048*1536

Image formats:MJPG and YUY2

32, 64 bit windows8, MAC

CE, FCC, RoHS proved

Products description


1. Digital imaging module: YUY2 and MJPG dual format 3.0MP imaging module;

2. Imaging software: Future Win Joe microscopic imaging program with movable reticle;

3. Optical matching: Built-in relay lens and field lens;

4. Calibrating component: 0.1mm/10.0mm reticle and 0.01mm/ 1.0mm reticle;

5. Adapter barrel: 23.2mm and 30.0mm and 30.5mm;

6. Camera house: Compact and metal square-shaped shell.


To update any type of optical microscope into digital measuring microscope by adding powerful digital and measurement capability. No squinting with one eye, just to enjoy viewing screen and to share with others. It’s an affordable imaging solution for microscopy in industry, education, medicine and science.  



1. To capture images for living show, for shoot, for video recording;

2. To make measurement and comparing after calibrating the movable reticle program with the slide ruler;

3. To adjust the gain, resolution, WB, contras, exposure time, RGB color and Gamma setting;

4. To edit pictures and to manage files of pictures and movies.



1. Easy installation, convenient calibration and quick measurement;                  

2. Built-in relay lens to widen field and to have image sharp and bright;

3. Compatibility with Win/MAC;

4. High resolution of 2048*1536 for preview, picture shoot and video recording;

5. High frame rate at MJPG format setting: 15fps@2048*1536;

6. Real active resolution, no interpolation, no jaggies in picture;

7. Copyright software with 8 languages version.



Capture Mode

Picture and Video

Active pixels




Dynamic Range

70.1 dB

S/N Ratio

38.1 dB

Eyepiece Adapter Size

23.2mm, 30.0mm

Spectral Range

400-650nm(with IR-filter)

Frame Rate

15fps@2048*1536 (in MJPEG)

Preview  Model

2048x1536,1600x1200,1280x1024 ,640x480, 352x288,320x240


ERS or Manual

Power Consumption


White Balance

Auto and manual

Cable length


Out Interface


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