DBMVV5000CL-5B digital biological microscope
2592*1944 active pixels

Built-in achromatic relay lens

biological microscope

Future Win Joe image software

Objective :4X, 10X, 40X, 100X

Digital magnification:120X

Frame rate:10fps@2592*1944

Sensitivity:1.4V/ lux-sec

Win8, Mac


By connecting with PC, you can view images or movies of cell slide on screen and to save under the control of software. No squinting with one eye, just be enjoyable and to share with others. It’s an affordable imaging solution for microscopy in education and hobby.



1. To capture images for living show, for shoot and for video recording;

2. To improve image quality by adjusting the gain, resolution, WB, contrast, exposure time, RGB color and Gamma setting;

3. To measure and to compare



1. Easy installation, convenient operation;

2. Wide field and bright image;

3. Compatibility with Win/MAC;

4. High resolution image of 2592*1944 for preview, picture shoot and video recording;

5. High frame rate.


Main specifications:

Digital eyepiece

5.0 MP USB digital camera equipped with built-in relay lens

Active resolution of sensor



1.4V/ lux-sec

Dynamic rage

70.1 dB

Frame rate


Total magnification
(optical eyepiece loaded )

40X, 100X, 400X, 1000X

Equivalent magnification 
of digital eyepiece

28X (17” LCD screen display pixel size: 0.2625mm )

Total magnification
(digital eyepiece loaded )

112X, 280X, 1120X,2800X

Optical eyepiece


Viewing head

Binocular head of articulated type, 
interpupillary distance 55-75mm


Quadruple nosepiece with positive click stopper

Achromatic objective 

DIN achromatic objective: 4X / NA0.10, 10X / NA0.25,
 40X R/ NA0.65, 100X R(oil)/ NA1.25.


Built-in mechanical stage 142mmX132mm with specimen holder, controlled by coaxial knobs at low position.


N.A. 1.25 Abbe condenser with Iris diaphragm


Halogen bulb 6V / 20W AC85-230V

CD of software

Future Win Joe imaging software


Carton size: 36.5cm X 25.3cm X 46.8cm

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