Future Optics is a qualified member of the supply chain of global communications giants and a certified supplier of global head instrument corporations, focusing on research, design and production of micro-optical imaging and non-imaging technology products, providing one-step solutions to the customers worldwide in the fields of passive wavelength division multiplexers device, active transceiver optical assembly, industrial cameras, optical coherence tomography (OCT) engines and 3D illumination devices.

Future Optics established in 2007, its headquarters, production lines and R&D facilities locate in Hangzhou China, and a US sales office is in Fremont CA.

By building standardized production line, professional labs, and normalized testing processes, and having experienced staff teams, Future Optics keep our customers' expectations for reliable and professional solutions.

------Our Advantages------

●  Lean manufacturing: Future Optics has built a standardized passive device production line accepted the periodic on-site audit by top optical communication integrator since 2015, and can provide customers with services from trial production to batch orders.

●  Products innovation: Future Optics has built professional R&D labs and has created the digitized product models for most passive devices and industrial cameras to achieve the automation of design, simulation and reliability analysis, providing customers free design and JDM services.

●  Quality assurance: Future Optics has established a comprehensive quality management system to cover the design, production and periodic reliability test. By standardized quality assurance procedures and continuously monitoring and supervising the production process to ensure that our customers receive high quality component.

●  Global cooperation: Future Optics has established a global supply chain system, to guarantee the stable supply channels of key materials and core auxiliary materials by means of deep technical cooperation and product performance sharing with suppliers

------Our Products------

●  Ultra compact CWDM\DWDM\LWDM mux demux devices: Based on free space and TFF technology, with low IL, small footprint and excellent performance in comparison with three-port WDM device, to be integrated inside transceivers, to be used as net node control devices, 5G network upgrade device, zero carbon network devices for WDM PON or FTTX;

●  CWDM \ LWDM \Hybrid Z-BLOCK Mux demux optical assembly for TOSA/ ROSA/ BOSA of high speed transceivers based on TFF technology, with low IL, compact dimension, excellent thermal stability in comparison with AWG modules, it's available to attach input / out prism or lens array with Z-BLOCK according to customers’ PD\LD.

●  CWDM\ LWDM\ DWDM TFF filter with big incidence angle to used in Z-BLOCK and free space design WDM device;

●  Industrial camera equipped with standard or high sensitivity CCD\ CMOS imaging sensor and USB\HDMI\AV\SD card multiple output modes for machine vision application, including digital microscope\ telescope\spotting scope\night vision.

●  OCT optical engines equipped with a high speed tunable scanning laser and a high sensitivity photodetector, having the performance advantages of fast scanning speed, real-time hd video imaging, wider penetration depth, high precision, and simultaneous digital imaging in both horizontal and vertical directions.

●  Laser range finder equipped with high coupling efficiency of optical system, high sensitivity of detector and thermal stabilized LD system, it's suitable for open field.

●  3D illuminator

------Our Mission-----

Future Optics is committed to promoting the construction of green network with zero power consumption and zero emissions, and working together with our global partners to create a win to win optics future!